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Re: Got a question about pedals and recording. . .

Originally posted by J Paragon S
First off, here's my gear:
- Schecter Omen 6 (changed the strings very recently, and the battery for the pickups too)
- - EMG 81 bridge pickup
- - EMG 89 neck pickup
- Boss Metalzone distortion pedal

Anyway, I've been trying to record myself, and it sounds like crap. First, it's too damn muddy, kinda like Nile (which in and of itself isn't bad, but I'm not trying to play death metal at all). Someone tells me to cut out the bass frequencies, so I drop the dial down to 1/3 and it cuts out the muddiness.

Now I realized it just sounds like crap. So, the way I figure, there are a few possible things going wrong:

- The newness of the strings has a stronger effect than I realized
- The pedal sucks without bass frequencies
- The pedal sucks, period
- My soundcard is terrible (I got people telling me my soundcard is fine for what I'm doing, though. . .)

At this point, I'm trying to get a good melodic metal sound, from Blind Guardian in "Mirror Mirror" to Opeth on "Blackwater Park" to Immortal in "Withstand the Fall of Time". Is there anything that I can do with my current setup to get a good melodic sound, or will I have to get myself a new pedal? (Which I can do, so recommend a good pedal if I need it. . .)

Dont know if this has been answered yet, im to tired to read through every page, so if it has, im sorry, dont kill me

While im not overly experienced in hardware recording, the problem you're experiencing is due to the fact that the MT-2 in its self is a high gain pedal. Thus, it sounds great coming out of a speaker, but when run direct through a line, it sounds ultra fuzzy and muddy. Ive had the same problems with my MT-2, the problem is apparent with any sort of recorded distortion, it always sounds muddy if you record direct.

So, i picked up a semi-decent microphone from Long & Mcquade for about $70 and placed that infront of my amplifier.
Direct line recording isnt always the best option as you lose alot of tone and power in the sound. Most professional recording is done with nice amps in soundrooms with some high quality mics placed infrot and/or in specific/strategic areas. (granted im no recording pro, but i believe this to be somewhat correct).
Try it, at any rate and youll notice a huge difference in the recording, and the sound of the distortion. Then, once you've got your sound file, you can import it into anything like Sound Forge, or Cool Edit, to run it through equalizers and the like. (I actually do that beforehand in my setup, ive got a Boss GE-7 that i run the mic through while recording, so i can change the equalization in real time). using this method, i managed to achieve a sound similar to Opeths "Ending Credits" from Damnnation

Aditionally, ive started working on something new, if rather odd, no idea if its going to work, or sound half decent. (itll probably sound like crap, to be honest, but im trying anyways )

Ive created a (roughly) 5 x 5 foot wooden box out of pressed, particle board. Ive then lined the inside with styrofoam. The idea is to create a box i can place around my amp to create a sound resistant barrier, so i can record my amp's sound directly without worrying about outside noise interfering.
The major problem of this, is that with such a small box and using styrofoam, you lose all acoustical atmospherics. I havent tested it yet, but i fear this may be a large issue and have a noticeable impact on the richness of the sound. But time will tell i suppose.

Just a thought for the table, anyways
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