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I'm ripping the cd now, I'll upload it asap,

I'm looking for some cds too, which are a rare find over here

Arkangel - Dead Man Walking
Aftershock - through the looking glass

yeh, thats about it for the moment

I've got some more caliban if you want more Nihilist, their oldest cd 'A Small Boy and a Grey Heaven' is a bit more raw and agressive with less tight production. their new one 'Shadow Hearts' is a bit cliché'd I dunno, the oldest two are definetly best, so check out 'Vent' first. (their 2nd.)

I guess I'm not much help when it comes to metal, since I got more metalcore and hardcore on my puter, but anyways, if theres some request, I might have it.

oh, I gotta say the server is working fine now with PASV out, fast too.
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