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the B8 pros are also kinda like starter cymbals, they're about on the level of 502s ubt that doesnt mean they dont sound good. a freind of mine has the splash and the china splash and i like how they sound a lot. i haven't played the other ones so i couldnt tell you how they sound. as for heavy or thin, heavy ride cymbals usually arent too loud, they just make a ping sound and thats it and that sounds like what you're looking for. crash cymbals are sorta different. small (like 16 or 17 inch) heavy crashes do have a quick sound and then just shut up (heh) but any crash cymbal thats 18" or above are gonna ring for a while. they kinda make a wall of noise regardless of thin or thick they are. most chinas dont ring for very long at all, and if they do ring for longer than you want (which probably wont be the case as long as you dont get a big ass 20") you can just put a piece of electrical tape on the bottom of it and it wont affect the sound too much.
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