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Originally posted by INVERTED
Actually, I first heard of it in the Seasons in the Abyss authentic tab book were Kerry Kings guitar teacher makes mention to it. I know that such a note, and or scale exist because there is a record of it. The Church would prosecute poeple for playing the note and sentence them to burn for witchcraft..

Ahh yes, i remember, but what he was referring to was not a scale, it was the tritone chord shape (root/flat 5th) I believe he mentioned it in one of his Guitar World columns, but I can't remember which one, He said that the church used to refer to this chord as.............DIABOLUS IN MUSICA!!!!!!! Isn't that neat???

Anyways, Check out these most definetly evil scales ( I wont post them because I believe they can be found under the "scales/sweeps" sticky. I might be wrong but if you really want me to post them, ask again)

Natural Minor(aka Aeolian mode), Harmonic Minor (most evil of all), Phrygian mode(my personal favorite), and if you want to start soloing with any of these, I suggest you learn the Minor Pentatonic first
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