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Originally posted by Atheist
I personally wouldnt recommend anyone trying pinch harmonics with any other finger besides their thumb - using thumb seems to allow for much better transition from normal picking to a pinch harmonic. The thumb should be close to the picking point of the pick so a slight twist of the wrist will allow the thumb surface to brush the string ever so slightly. I have noticed that heavier strings require a more aggressive (for lack of a better term) brush against the strings compared to the higher strings which require a very delicate touch. Also, each seperate note on each string requires different pressure than the lower or higher notes next to it. This isnt really an issue as you sort of develop a "finger memory." Pickups with more output and distortion levels are a big help. With my Duncan Invader pickup and metalzone pedal I can tremelo pick while hitting a pinch harmonic on each pick - sounds crazy.

These are my personal observations - pretty much just stating what has been said before, hah. If I can I will try to post some images of how I hold my pick and the whole wrist twist in action (not talking about masturbating, haha)

Are you gonna post those images? They would help alot mate!
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