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I like Anal Cunt, but Vaginal Jesus may have them beat. Like Anal Cunt does have a sense of humor about it, but the guys from Vainal Jesus and totaly serious. "I Hate Niggers" "Mandatory Abortions for Niggers" "Happy Hanukaust" "Niggers Are No Friends Of Mine" "The Gestapo Stomp"

"You claim six million, i wish it were true
But you're a pack of lying fucking jews
A holocaust memorial is built on the land
Where most of your relatives are buried in the sand
In bulldozed graves to cover the pollution...
Too bad you weren't part of the final solution
Wearing long sleeves to cover your tattoo
Will never hide the fact that you're a dirty jew
Think of all the friends and family you lost..."

"I hate you for no reason except you're black
I'm gonna kill you by poisoning your crack
You came from africa, i wish you'd go back
You're a fucking nigger because you're fucking black"

I think they are funny. If you get offended by words someone is using in a death metal song, than you deserve to be offended for how stupid you are. Anyway, teh music is actually.
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