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Hey man, on the Fuck the Niggers or whatever, I sincerely doubt that was Hatebreed, because I've seen it advertised as both an S.O.D. and Pantera song. Fuck Kazaa.If you download Enter Sandman, said to be covered by Nirvana, you get a song about a guy licking a Camel's asshole.

As for offensive, I really don't know. I hat Anal Cunt, and avoid them at all costs, not because of lyrics, but beacuase they suck. I guess some Nazi metal or punk band, but there are tons of those. Fuck 'em all anyway.

I better not see anyone saying S.O.D. is offensive, because it's all so tounge in cheek, like Blazing Saddles. Everyone loves Mel Brooks!
Stand your ground behind the times
And refuse to follow fashion
Write your poetry in anger
And then sing it with a passion
Painted faces in a circus
Images they brings to mind
When I read my Penny Dreadful
Filled with pictures of your kind
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