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Saw the Sanitarium tour down her in L.A., everyone sucked except Metallica, but that was to be expected. That fag Durst got punched in the fuckin face. He came out into the crowd, this huge, Billy Milano lookin motherfucker gets past his security, taps him on the shopulder, then hauls off and slams this gigantic hand right into that pussy's face. HA!

Metallica ruled all, from opener to closer, kicked ass. Two encores, amazing stage show, just fuckin incredible. Say what you will, but Metallica are GODS.

Set list:

Ecstacy of Gold (Instrumental opener)
Master of Puppets
Guitar solo
Harvester of Sorrow
Bass solo
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Sad But True
St. Anger
No Remorse

1st Encore:
Nothing Else Matters
Creeping Death

2nd Encore:
Enter Sandman (Closer)

Openers sucked, Metallica kicked ass, some people say that they're back, I say they never left.
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