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Metallica's Summer Sanitarium setlist

For those of you who are still Metallica fans, here are the songs they're playing on their Summer Sanitarium tour. Just saw them last night in Atlanta, and was glad they played a lot of older stuff and only three songs from the Load era till present. Please don't start any posts how they're sellouts, we all know that but still love the music they made back in their heydays of headbanging. The songs are close, but not in exact order.

- Battery (opener)
- Master of Puppets
- For Whom the Bell Tolls
- Sanitarium
- Harvester of Sorrow
- Frantic
- St. Anger
- Fuel
- Blackened
- No Remorse
- Seek and Destroy
- Creeping Death
- Sad But True
- Nothing Else Matters
- Onen
- Enter Sandman (finale)

All in all, a two hour show that kicked ass, especially since I haven't seen them live since '97. For those of you who are going to see them, enjoy. And for those of you who are thinking about it, I think this setlist proves it's worth the show!
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