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Originally posted by artofnothing6
yeah, thats why i didn't wanna buy an amp on the spot right then, cause even if the solid state marshall was cheap, i'd rather wait and dig around. I can't wait till i get my summer job, i'll be rakign in the money.

well if you'll be swimming around in money, save up for a seriously kickass amp, tried Orange or Engl amps yet?

getting a power and a pre-amp can be good, but if you buy shitty quality stuff, you're better of buying a good head, like the Engl Fireball.

anyways, I wouldn't go for solid state, but that's just an opinion, our guitarist uses a modified TSL100 head and it sounds brutal as shit, no digital effects crap, nothing, just a pair of EMG's in his LP

a pre and power amp are basically the same as a regular head, but a regular head has a pre and power amp in one, the pre-amp can give you more versitality, but you might not even need it. I wouldn't get a pre and a power amp just because I don't need the options, I'de rather have a great tube head instead, but that's personal preference too, a good pre and power amp are shit expensive, I might add.

oh, if there's gonna be anymore offtopic shit, I'll delete it, you bunch of cunts.

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