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haha, yeah, fucking tired, I got back at 5.20.

I woke up like half an hour ago.

Anthrax was fucking amazing, great sound, great show, great crowd, I was laughin my ass off when PST and me where in front at Anthrax. cuz we left Finntroll after 2 songs,

at Anthrax all of a sudden somebody flew over us, and hit the ground face first, after a couple of seconds I realised it was the Doctor and I laughed my ass off

I was pretty impressed by the Haunted but their live sound wasn't too good, though, their show rocked and my neck did some badass bending

bought obituary's 'dead' which isn't on sale in holland, great stuff.

pissed against a church, which was good.

ate pizza, which was good too

enjoyed seeing Sanderinos run to a toilet every 5 minutes to take a dump

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