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yeah, G&L's are ok, but I don't think they've got an own personality when it comes to sound, you know? Musicmans are ok for their slaptones, but if you play them with a pick they'll turn into no-tone-wonders. I got bartolini's in my limited edition SR though

David Eden's are good, the traveller series are pretty awsome, I really loved the tone of the Ampeg CVT 350 though.(its the SVT only all tube)

as for amps, well germans make good amps, thats why I tried about all the amps they made, I finally went for a Hughes & Kettner bassbase 400w tube, with a 4x10 and a 2x15. cost me a sweet dime, but it blows away Trace Elliots and Laneys. (ok, its twice as expensive heh, but hey.) I played some Mesa roundabouts and the 300+, I didn't like them, overdose of muddy tone in the med frequencies...
SWR does make some nice rigs, but the combos are shit, all of them, plus they're overpriced. when it comes to bass amps, anything beats Peaveys though, I played the top of the line peaveys and they still sucked (lots of watts, no tone.)

anyways, my H&K is their top of the line model too, it shows H&K can produce descent stuff, here's a pic of the new model,

mine is the same except the grille's on the cabs are black and I've got a korg DTR tuner in my rack unit.

H&K has been known for their warp 7 nu metal amp, something they've got started a while ago, I like the sound of the Triamp amps though... as for bass amps, they've got a long reputation, I bought mine about 3 (?) years ago, but its doing fine, its been transported a lot, and its still running like it should, I only replaced a tube once.
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