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i have always wanted a zon or a modulus but can never find them locally.
i would love to post a pic but jesus is a dipshit and dont know how to do it.
when it comes to rigs(yes here i go again!) everything sucks except for david eden(swr rocks too)one bass that everyone seems to like and i think are shit are music man basses. i would rather spend the money on a g&l 2000.
if we want to talk upright thats a different game.
that sadowsky is sweet! like you said a fender on steroids. if i had a jazz bass i would put bartolinis in it.
christian mcbride is the shit!
def-you might want to start fluffing yourself so you will be ready for the reverand
now go fuck off!!!!
i am your god, bow to me motherfucker
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