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Nah, I'm still waiting for him dammit, tell him to hurry the fuck up

fodera's are cool as, plus they look amazing, Sadowsky's are like super fenders,

here's the Sadowsky Miller uses,

anyways, it's 3900 USD, a fender marcus miller signature is probably cheaper (but this one beats it by far...)

a lot of those special bassbrands are cool, Lull, Celinder, Zon's... but Fodera and Alembic do really stand out, Alembics are the shit, I probably will never be able to afford it though, plus I'm an instrument basher. I'm building a custom now, SR style body with EMG's, schaller tuners and a ABM 3d bridge.

4.700, jezus, I would buy a new car for that. haha maybe I can sell my rig and buy an Alembic. got a pic of it? I never saw an Utopia model
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