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It's the same with Jimi Hendrix.
We all know he's quite good. We all respect him for what he did.
But still we can say, he isn't the best. That's the way why we can say Jaco isn't the best. And he isn't the best.
He did something revolutionary, OK. But there are nowadays enough bass-players who can beat him in any way. There were several better bass-players before him and who notices them?
Even Jaco be a poor guy at a six or whatever string.
Jaco is so exclucive because he bacame popular and he made the "first" fretless.

You can't say he's the best.
And you can't degrade all the really good guys on the bass, just because Jaco was the first. Did you hear something of "progression"? Or do you belive still in the planet-system of Kopernikus? (Hope, you did hear of him.)
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