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Human wrights

New song I wrote about 2 min. ago, I thought the idea of people making humans sounded cool so I wrote about it, still kinda rough

Human wrights

Come down to the inside
Lie down, life awaits you
Bright as day yet cold as night
Lifeless, your limbs we’ll choose

Their steel coffins
Allowing no breath to escape
Of the bodies, their limbs we’ll cleanse
Dismembering rape
Avoiding opposition, new lives at stake

Artisans of new life
Conception is not a must
Creation with the blade of a knife
No deity to look for
Craftsman you will trust

Look upon these walls
Empty souls hanging freely
Back to their bodies they call
Electricity and thread
All that is needed
To bring back the dead

Operation is underway
The scalpel I clench
The wondrous stench
Reeking of decay

Paracentesis is how it begins
Ostium of the peritoneum
Looking just below the skin
Making sure of the organs within

Bullet wound to the bregma
The cranium we must replace
Giving appearance a new face
No more is your facial stigma

Over time the taenia was destroyed
Put into motion by a round to the brain
Finding another will be no bother
Receiving nothing but personal gain

Placing everything intact
Assuring the musculation
Is the more to give back?
Disgusted they’ll view you
Nothing but degredation

Giving thanks to death
Corpses united by syssarcosis
Charged with electricity
Hoping to get a breath

Admiring our foetus
Morbid deities we are
Inside our mental veil
Life we won’t starve
Jesus saves because he shops at Walmart
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