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Originally posted by Squall
Michael Angelo things are damn fuckin hard to play....For example alll the "planet gemini" album, its terrificly hard
Cacophony stuf is hard too, the instrumental things like Go Off!, Concerto or Speed metal symphony.
Cephalic Canage has some pretty technical things on his songs too, pretty good musicians.
Racer X things are also haaaaaaaard, some like technical difficulties or YRO or BRO or Frenzy....

Yeah, come Cacophony is fuckin tuff! My guitar teacher toured with Racer-X when he was a kid because the manager was trying to make a "amature hairband". One thing that they do that is killer is they attach a pick onto a powerdrill and shred/sweep with it. Thier music sucks balls though. I just learned Concerto Cephalic, Decapitated, Malmsteen. Mostly its just the solo artists that have the tuff stuff.
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