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Originally posted by memnoch
Well you're just super then.

Here's a couple i'm trying to work with now, but am finding a hard time keeping up:

Martyr - Warp Zone
Cannibal Corpse - Dead Human Collection

problems with warp zone? hmm...dunno, the only place in it thats hard is the solo imho(but then again, its not simple either
WARP ZONEEEEEEEEEEEE \M/ *moshes violently towards memnoch*
you should try inner peace by them its fun btw

oh and here's another tough-to-play song for you guys... 17th century chicken picking by uhm *checks name* Chris Impetiteelrewrjeltijerlieiri (impetisomethingi...bleh, the tabs are up on but the guy mispelled picking with "pinkin" btw hehe, the notes are ok but the way he tabbed it is weird, just change it around)..anyways, its not *that* hard but keeping up at that speed without fucking up during 4 mins is quite hard
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