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the intro to dying fetus - bathe in entrails(the lead guitar)
I'll grind your fucking head in!

What have you accomplished compared to what you have done?


Bands to Listen to:

Disrupt,Children Of Bodom,Gorelord,Vile,Brujeria,Carcass,Arch Enemy,Carpathian Forest,Dissection,FleshGrind,God Dethroned,Kalmah,PFP XIII,suffocation,Hate Eternal,Berzerkers,Slayer,Grief,Judas Preist,Danzig,Black Sabbath,Fleas and Lice,Carnal Grief,Fuck the facts ,immolation,Agoraphobic Nose bleed,Deeds of Flesh,Spawn of Posseion,Nile,Skinless,Cephalic Carnage,Fuck..............I'm Dead,At the Gates,Skit System,Cripple Bastards,Phobia,The Crown,Napalm Death,cryptopsy,Deicide,Disgorge,Exhumed,Flesh Grinder,Lord Gore,Mortal Decay,Severed Savior,SOD,Sodom,Structure of Lies,Disgust,Gorgoroth,GWAR!!!!!!
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