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Originally posted by guitar_demon
thats cool and in the corner where a shirt pocket would be it could say our names (i.e. doc, def, slayme ect..) and for the mods in big yellow letter it says mod with a picture of big bird holding a sign with different quites like the classic "shut the fuck up" or what about that great hit by slayme "fuck black metal" or that awsome 2003 hit "fuckass" ...... nah but it cold be cool depending on how they came out but it shoudl just say Metaltabs and not

No, the shirt should not have anyone's username on the damned thing. It SHOULD say METAL TABS.COM. What the fuck is the point for nomad having a bunch of jackasses walking around not properly promoting his site? No .com on the end of it = not proper advertising. That's what these shirts are essentially for aren't they?

Now, if I could have mine specially made so it says "FUCK BLACK METAL" on the back, that'd be fucking super.
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