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I'm using a old h&K Tubeman (little tubepreamp with a lot pssibilities to connect to any hardware) to play directly into the mixer (mini Behringer 16 channel), From the mixer i have an connection to my pc. I'm using an old Steinberg Cubase Version to record audio over the mixer. Voices is a little bit difficult, because you need to have a good microphone, a place where you can sing without any soundreflections from walls etc... And you need a good voice .....

It's easy to use a pc for soundrecording. A other question is the recording. You have to know, who you record different sources (bass, drum, vocals....)
For guitars you should use a good pickup(for acustic guitars), for electric guitars use a good preamp (an other possivility is the recording from a 4x12" Box. I've build a big woodcase, where i can put the big 4x12 Box in, and a good nicrophone. Then i close the big case, so you will hear nothing outside, when you play. This is the way to record the fat marshall sounds in a house with many stressed neighbours)
For Drums you should use 3-4 Microphones (or more) for the snare, one for the cymbals, one for the base.....and record on different tracks.......
The rest for songs i take mostely any samples an drumloops since i have no bandroom with a band anymore. But the digital fuck is not my world. Yesterday i have recorded 3 guitartracks, 1 basstrack, 1 sologuitartrack, and the rest out of my soundlibrary........and ready is the song, but with a complete band you will have more fun to record.


my english is really awfull.....weia

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