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depends what sort of bm sound you want.

either you go for the nu-blakk-symphonic-death shit, or you can stick to the raw bm sound.

i only play raw so ill give my settings and equipment list.

marshall jcm800,
bass- 4~5
mid- 1~3
treble- 5~7
prescence- umm, less than 5
gain- 10
volume- as loud as you can have it

2 marshall cabs

esp V with EMG 89 bridge

tune to D~E, i prefer Eb, although D is the "in" tuning for raw bm at the moment

picks, i use blue dunlop tortex 1.0mm picks and 9-42 d'addario strings. these seem to have the rawest sound. other strings are a little bit too warm sounding.

you can piss off the pedal, you shouldnt need it with a good amp, like an 800. second hand theyre affordable.
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