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hey, i gave you that link man!

this guitar ain't going to be nothing special. i'm just gonna buy another complete rg570 and swap the bodies, 'cause i love the brown color of the body i got.
(i think i'll save some money too, instead of buying the brown guitar in the first place)

my guitar will most likely look like this:

or look at the attachment if you just wanna get a quick peek, and not see how the brown changes from black depending on how the light hits it.

the only things i'll mod are putting on a straplok system instead of the normal strap buttons, if i can find brown pickup covers or bobbin toppers, i'll put those on, maybe i'll put on a clear pickguard too.

but my dream custom guitar, that's a whole different story, and that won't be til a long long time til i consider making it or buying it.
and that guitar will most definitely carry a pakistani and brown theme!
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