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No, you see, guitar_demon, what other people have said was very Matrix-like. I have said nothing about the Matrix, nor about what the forum is. What I have said is that I have an evil plan involving loads of sex and slowly killing weijia. I said that Jarhead - and I have only said this directly to Jarhead - was 'fuel' for my plan, but that does not mean I'm harvesting him and using his body heat for energy to sustain myself after solar power has ceased to be an option, as they do in the Matrix. I have said nothing invoking the Matrix, nor have I gone about this in a very Matrix-like way. All I've done was admit my intentions of killing weijia and something vague about using Jarhead and loads of sex. As I have not been playing on anything from the Matrix, you are, unfortunately, the fuckass. When you prove to me that all the Matrix wants to do in those movies is arrange loads of sex and slowly kill weijia, or that it was me, and not slayme, who said anything at all about what the forum is, you may have a point. As for now: you are a fuckass. My condolences.

Read more carefully, and perhaps you may just not be a fuckass some day. I'm not saying that it will definitely happen, but it certainly could. I'm sure that it's possible. For the future, though, here's a little reading checklist:

1. Read what people say.
2. Recognize that words typically signify an agreed upon meaning.
3. Interpret this meaning.
4. Apply this, and only this, to what your comments include.

This way, you will not say that I said anything about the Matrix, or about what the forum is when I did not do so. Now, if you said that I'm too into killing weijia, well, you'd be right.
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