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Christ and his lies

This is a song from a band I was in-

Christ and his lies

"Your the chosen by god
And now your the chosen one by us
It won't hurt but you'll bleed a lot
Sorry for the sins, do you care if I cuss?
Fuck you Christ,
You'll be crucified in Satanic ways!
Fuck your lies
I can't wait to see you die for the third time!

Fuck you Christ,
Your reign of bullshit has ended
We killed your light
We leave you in a pentagram burned and pinned
You have been crucified by us
A rogue death because you sinned
I'm sure your followers will stop giving you trust
I'm sure your followers will give you sex and lust

In our minds you are dead
And soon in their minds too,
When they find out the truth they'll stop giving you head
It's alright, We'll cut off your cock and feed it to you
You don't mean shit to us
I want to see you cry laying in a river of blood
Your lies are gone and done
I saw Christ in an orgy of nuns!

I saw heaven myself and it's not pretty
There's priests and nuns molesting themselves and one another
A holy Orgy with the angels and God, it's dirty
It's a sick truth you want to smuther!"
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