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Exclamation New Band: Feedback

Hey guys im pretty new to this site, bloody amazing i have to say!
Im in a band called Entropy (as my name says) and im wondering what people would want in a new upcomming band. There are loads of different influences which we wanna accomidate and i was wondering if the set up sounds alrite to u guys.
We wanna bring back the old school kinda vibes with solos and real crowd pleasing songs, i want it to have a hardcore/metal influence so people can go "wow that new hardcore band kicks ass!" (we can all dream cant we?)
Plus we wanna have really meaninful lyrics plus powerful vocals so people can actually sing along to, which arnt constantly trying to make people cough up their lungs or shit (plus our own vocalist) e.g. Nile, Cannibal Corpse, Cradle. Basically like WASP but heavier. (dotn ask how i got from Nile to WASP, it works in my head )

If that sounds like shite then tell me and gimme some positive criticism, if it sounds just up your street also tell me!!!

Many thanks

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