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Originally posted by PST 88
Eternal_Sorrow: I'm a moderator. Everything I say to keep you folks in line is on topic. As a non-fan of black metal, I wouldnt post in here if you werent being stupid. Pointing out that I didnt list my favorite bands is just going to get me to randomly delete your posts. The End.

metal=life: I'm not debating anything. Get a dictionary and look up the word 'debate.' What I was doing was 'chastising.' There's a difference, that's why they have different words for them. I had to come in because the arguing was becoming malicious, and there's no room anywhere for malicious bickering. Bicker and I'll shut you down.

I shouldnt have to explain my point again and again. Next person to respond with anything but their favorite bands and/or an opinion on whether or not Cradle of Filth sold out gets deleted. Argument = deleted. Saying something to me = deleted. Does everyone follow?

Why do you have to drain all the fun out of things? This forum shouldn't be so damn strict...

I'm going to add Eminenz to my list of bands. They sound pretty good but have a shitty name.
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