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Originally posted by PST 88
Eternal_Sorrow: I'm a moderator. Everything I say to keep you folks in line is on topic. As a non-fan of black metal, I wouldnt post in here if you werent being stupid. Pointing out that I didnt list my favorite bands is just going to get me to randomly delete your posts. The End.

metal=life: I'm not debating anything. Get a dictionary and look up the word 'debate.' What I was doing was 'chastising.' There's a difference, that's why they have different words for them. I had to come in because the arguing was becoming malicious, and there's no room anywhere for malicious bickering. Bicker and I'll shut you down.

I shouldnt have to explain my point again and again. Next person to respond with anything but their favorite bands and/or an opinion on whether or not Cradle of Filth sold out gets deleted. Argument = deleted. Saying something to me = deleted. Does everyone follow?

Hey PST i know this is prob going to get deleated but man i didn't know you were a moderater O.K. so i apologize for any inapropriate comments i made.

and here are a few more black bands i didn't list!!

cryptic wintermoon
enslavement of beauty
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