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mkay, here goes:

Cort Ab-4 My starter bass, nice round sound but nothing special, passive pickups, but 24 frets, fucked up electronics, now all stickered over and no knobs what so ever, still plays like a charm though and I recently put some new Ernie Balls on it, which gave it a sweet slap sound.

Ibanez SR-5 limited edition Prestige Well, the bass I use everyday, costed me a sweet dime, but it was all worth it, great 5 string, custom bartolini/ibanez pickups, 5 piece neck, mono rail bridge, bla bla bla.
Great for metal allround, amazingly tight sounding B string, warm lows, punching mids, my favorite bass till this day, and I've played heaps... the only downside is, the slapping on a 5 string is a bit hard because of the tight string spacing.

I'm planning on getting a used musicman stingray though. (4 string)
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