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Question How many Basses do you own and why?

Ok, i currently own 3 basses, and each one serves a purpose, they are:--

Warwick Thumb Bass B-O

I recently just bought this baby, its real good, its been my dream bass for about 3 years, its got a real low, bottom endy sound, which i go for in bass playing, active pickups, and the harmonics when played stand out really well, most likely because of the double J pickups. very good bass.

Ernie Ball Musicman S.U.B 5 (Custom)

I won this about 3 months ago, its worth 800 quid, plays real nice, because of the huge ass humbucker, its got a real plunky sort of funky sound to it, good for slapping, and its also a 5 string, and its good for metal when the low B comes into it.. cant sell this bass cos its a bit of a Limited edition thing, but i love it anyway.

Westfield P Bass

Hahaha this thing is really old.. 3 years, i started out on it.. shamefully using a pick on it.. (argh) but thats what beginners do so.. ahh well, its really worn in, and looks like the jaco pastorius jazz bass.. the real worn in dented, sort of sunburst look. Im looking to sell it for.. not much money, but it does have some memories.. but it has to go.

What basses do you own and why?
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