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The Metaltabs FTP Thread

Ok guys, sorry 'bout that thread I put up awhile ago, I wasn't quite ready to test this bitch out.

So here's how it's gonna be:

My upload is around 40-50kbps

I'm allowing 15 users at one time under an anonymous login. Remember this, because if you can't get's because you're in line. I don't anticipate more than 15 people being on at once anyway, based on the traffic I had last time and based on the average amount of people that around here(metaltabs) at one time. So please, for the sake of my PC and out of respect for your fellow metaltabber, don't clog the lines.

I'm allowing all users to upload and obviously download.

Same rules apply like they did last time, if you weren't here or don't remember let me refresh your memory.

Files will only be uploaded by users upon request by a Metaltabs member. DO NOT UPLOAD UNLESS IT'S BEEN REQUESTED. Had numerous problems with that last time, Joe Blow uploading Korn's entire album just for the fuck of it. Anyways, here's an example of how to do this properly.


MetaltabsUser#1: "Hey does anyone have [insert album or song name] by [insert band name]?

MetaltabsUser#2: "I have it, I'll upload them to that faggot, slayme's FTP"

Feel free to use the term "faggot" when referring to me as last I checked I was winning in that now deleted Site Feedback thread on who's gay.

Simple enough isn't it? Now, this first day is gonna be trial and error so go easy on me. All requests will be posted in this thread, and any problems you're having with it can be posted in here as well. So, here goes.

Play nice:

One last thing, don't give that out to anyone outside of Metaltabs, that's ours and no one elses.
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