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I am really into more melodic soloing as opposed to shredding...but I do like shredding, so dont get me wrong here. Petrucci and Satriani offer a healthy dose of anything solo...whoever said Iron Maiden, well those guys, in my opinion..defined the art of trading leads (even more so than Judas Priest) Adrian Smith and Dave Murray were tight as hell and very smooth (most of the solos of Piece of Mind make the grade). Lets see, George Lynch...a metal guitar icon for the ages...Kiss of Death, awesome riff and solo. Eric Johnson and Cliffs of Dover I will definitley second. Good to see some people metioning Malmsteen...the guy was and is a prodigy...Black Star anyone? Pantera's Cemetary Gates, sends shivers. SRV's Voodoo Chile. Anyone listen to Halford? Live Insurrection...I dont know much about his guitarists...but that fuckin CD has revitalized heavy metal. Yes Im old school I guess...Im 34, cut my teeth on Dokken, Iron Maiden, Ratt, Judas Priest, Dream Theater, Rough Cutt, Rush.
Please be kind if I am not up on all the black deth Swedish Euro kill metal...Im trying.
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