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I havent listend to blind guardian much, but i know Opeth very well. First of all, Opeth uses Laney amps with the gain turned down a bit. The reason for the gain being turned down is to get rid of the muddieness so you can actually be able to hear some of their fucked up chords so your gonna have do get rid of some of your gain. 2nd of all, your emg-81 isnt going to sound right. I know mike uses PRS guitars exclusivly for electric recordings. And 3rd, do not use the metal zone. Its signiature sound is mud. Maybe i despise the metalzone so much because of the fact i play an Opeth type of metal. Pedals i would recommend for this sound though would be Ratt distortion, possibly a big muff pedal. The ratt is a really diverse distortion pedal,its got just about everything, it sounds real good except one huge problem, if you put alot of gain in it you get alot of extra noise, so only operate with a noisegate of some sort. The big muff has another problem too, it come outa the box with alot of mid, so if you want it so sound more "metal" your going to have to EQ it.
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