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Got a question about pedals and recording. . .

First off, here's my gear:
- Schecter Omen 6 (changed the strings very recently, and the battery for the pickups too)
- - EMG 81 bridge pickup
- - EMG 89 neck pickup
- Boss Metalzone distortion pedal

Anyway, I've been trying to record myself, and it sounds like crap. First, it's too damn muddy, kinda like Nile (which in and of itself isn't bad, but I'm not trying to play death metal at all). Someone tells me to cut out the bass frequencies, so I drop the dial down to 1/3 and it cuts out the muddiness.

Now I realized it just sounds like crap. So, the way I figure, there are a few possible things going wrong:

- The newness of the strings has a stronger effect than I realized
- The pedal sucks without bass frequencies
- The pedal sucks, period
- My soundcard is terrible (I got people telling me my soundcard is fine for what I'm doing, though. . .)

At this point, I'm trying to get a good melodic metal sound, from Blind Guardian in "Mirror Mirror" to Opeth on "Blackwater Park" to Immortal in "Withstand the Fall of Time". Is there anything that I can do with my current setup to get a good melodic sound, or will I have to get myself a new pedal? (Which I can do, so recommend a good pedal if I need it. . .)
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