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Everyone needs to shut up about Judas Iscariot. This is not a thread to debate Judas Iscariot, especially trivial things. One person said they arent as well known as COF, which is true, and the other person comes back saying "they're great." That's meaningless. Just shut up, everybody, and list the bands like the guy who made the thread asked. If you want to make nonsense, back and forth arguments in which no one listens to anyone else, do it in an RTT or make a 'Judas Iscariot isnt as popular but is still better than Cradle of Filth' thread or whatever. Here, just respect the man who made the thread. And since he asked if Cradle of Filth sold out, say what you want on that. But just say your peace and go on. He asked for opinions, not debate. Debate can go on elsewhere.
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