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Metal Kick Pads

I think that's what they're called. I dunno, I'm not a drummer. Anyways, does anyone know any durable, good quality brands or good alternatives. My drummer uses metal kick pads for his double bass and he has these plastic ball things on the mallets of his bass pedal. The combination makes a sweet sound. But the kick pads he uses are cheap peices of shit. He's lucky to get 2 days practice out of 'em. Usually they are broken or severely warped by the end of one days practice. He started out using the wide one that is made for double bass. But that just bends in the middle and snaps in half. Then he tried using 2 of the smaller, ones for single bass, side by side. But even those start bending and fall off his head. Does anyone have any ideas of what we can use without having to sacrifice the sound of our double bass.
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