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Sanderinos that is an incredibally intelligent question. I'll answer it for the benefit of the others: What do americans have to do with True Norwegian Black Metal? absolutely nothing. and besides, i have Lords of Chaos, read it, also read what Varg had to say about it and he does have some points saying that it's full of shit. and anyway, let's pray they don't make a movie out of it because then everyone would know about black metal and trust me, it would take a matter of days for it to become the newest "style." i doubt Euronymous would have wanted this part of history all over TV and cinemas, especially with those dumb fuck americans imitating anything they think is "different." so yeah, the movie would kick ass if only the REAL black metal fans could see it. people who listen to where it came from, shit like Venom, Bathory, Dark Throne, Mayhem, old Abruptum, old Emperor, REALLY old Immortal, and that faggot Grishnack's Burzum. yeah.
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