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laptop recording

I downloaded sonar xl (made by cakewalk) and use that to record directly to my laptop. I have no use for an external recorder. If you do it like this though you will probably need to upgrade to a better soundcard with the number of inputs that you need. I had to get an external soundcard because I use a laptop instead of a desktop but it works great. Another thing I suggest is getting an external hard drive to use strictly for recording on. If you record to your system hard drive, by the time you finish laying down several tracks and redoing tracks over and over and over to get it just right, your system HD will be fragmented to shit. So I go with an external. I can control everything the virtual way on my screen (i.e. levels, effects, etc..) and don't need any hardware like a digital recorder. Get good mics too. They make a huge difference. As for drums, there are several excellent drum programs and plugins available for cakewalk programs, all fairly inexpensive, and much easier to control, cut and paste and stuff like that than an analog drum machine. My band uses a real drummer so we don't record the virtual drums but they are good to have when laying down new song ideas and stuff like that. I've recorded in a studio, I've recorded using digital recorders, and I've used my laptop. Nothing beats the laptop because of the creative control you have. Hope this helped.
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