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Originally posted by Gigantic Penis
another question

If I make a demo on a CD-R, can I take it someplace and have it made into many real CDs?

yes/no... yes, they can burn the same CD (the ones they use will be of higher quality, and the burning will be better, and won't damage as quickly, will last longer etc.). However, they won't be able to alter your mix, master the disc, and all that fun stuff if you want a professional engineer to work on your music. You would need the original tracks for that. Whether or not you can burn that info onto a CD and take it to them, I really don't know.

For the record, I use Cubasis, and would recommend it. On the other hand, I have no experience with Cakewalk, and couldn't tell you either way. Do you have external MIDI control, or do you need a computer based program for your drums?
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