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Originally Posted by Nihilist


Sent her a private message one day back in 2007. Started a friendship which thrived via MSN messenger. A year later she traveled from Italy to visit me in the US (TX). Thus officially began our relationship that would last almost 6 years. I visited her in Italy 5 times, sometimes for 2-3 months at a time, and she spent many weeks here each visit, limited by time allotted off from work. I was a student so I'd just take semesters off. We planned to marry and much more. But in the end, most likely due to my own flaws as a partner in my early 20s, she came to the conclusion that she could not spend a lifetime with me. Indeed, she has made it abundantly clear that she never plans to enter another relationship for the rest of her life, and prefers solitude as a person. I hope she wouldn't take offense to my sharing that information here, but it's doubtful and I even imagine she has an unspoken sense of pride in the fact that she is content to be alone. We still speak and she still sends me random melodic/symphonic black albums every other month.

I realize that is WAY more info than you asked for, but as I sit here sipping on my drink, I just let it flow that way. And hey, this thread is about us all as a (past) community, heh?

On a lighter note... I'm actually married now to an incredibly sweet Mexican girl. A funny thing to mention for the board is that when I met her she told me about her interest in a certain Mago de Oz band, which is essentially a power metal band from Spain, and we just went from there.

Cheers, Bros.
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