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Originally Posted by Soulinsane
"Ending the final stage of their evolution they ascended to become metal gods!
Before they left they took time to weave instruction for all they had invented into the natural world. They taught spiders how to spin guitar strings from web, and the trees how to grow exhaust pipes for branches, they etched hieroglyphics of how to put these things together.

We give our secrets to the future, they inscribed in glowing letters, so they may know the glory of metal!"

THIS is about the most metal thing I have ever heard.

Haha, yeah, like I said it's a pretty fun game. Main character is voiced by Jack Black and they have people like Ozzy, Lemmy and a whole bunch other like that in the cast. Some of the bad guys are glam rockers and the teardrinker's of the Black Sea. Gameplay is too simplistic for my taste, but writing and overall execution of the story telling borders on the brilliant at times. Made by metalheads for metalheads.
Listening to Cannibal Corpse and cutting trees with a chainsaw, now that's metal

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