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Originally Posted by Def
Yes. This.

Real life caught us. 40 hour work weeks, girls/females/gilfs, this and that.

That drew a lot of contributors away. Plus metal is mostly dead. In about 20-40 years we'll be the old fucks grabbing a vinyl copy of 'cowboys from hell' and telling our grandkids that 'this was the time they still made real music'.

Ofcourse they'll be shocked, running away with their ears bleeding. Leaving us with a grin. I salute you, metalheads!

I actually test my kids friends with metal, Mwahahaha. I have guitars and amps all around as I now fix and modify them for a living. I ask my kids friends, "what is your favorate metal song"? Regardless of what they say I play something way way way more heavy shortly into to proformance. Some of the children are mind blown and I can see that moment in their eyes when they hear that first magic note of live metal music.

Its a wonderful feeling awakening a young metalhead.
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