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Originally Posted by drawn&quartered
Yes, it is very difficult to meet women while in the military.

Understood man, glad I came in married. Hows SF? I'm currently in Air Assault school, heading to NTC for two months, and then hopefully picking up a ranger slot. I can't go SF man, I talked to one of the guys his exact reply was "50% of us are single, 50% of us are divorced". I actually love my wife, can't do that brother. However going to a ranger battalion I'm willing to do, but being a gun buddy they want let me.

Just dropped a green to gold packet to man, Hopefully I get picked up I can make my way to a ranger battalion, If I don't Ft. Bragg, Ft. Stewart, or Ft. Carson are my next top three picks. Maybe I'll see you around Ft. Bragg if I get it.
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