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Question Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier - General tone and gain questions

Hi, everyone!
I just got a brand new 150W triple rectifier with two 4x12 cabs: one standard and one traditional.
I had been saving for years for this stuff!

I've managed to get some pretty good tones so far but since it's still in my bedroom at the moment, I can't play loud enough for now. So I guess I can't get the full power from this loud monster!

The manual recommends that one doesn't max the gain on the 3rd channel (the high gain one).

Now, I was thinking... would a boost pedal and/or overdrive pedal enhance the tone, gain and power? Mesa Engineering have released 4 new boost, overdrive and distortion pedals recently.
I was thinking of going for the boost and overdrive pedals to use on top of channel 3 at the recommended gain setting (not maxed).

Any opinions are welcome, thanks! P.S. My guitar is a Jackson with a pair of EMG 81/85s.
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