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Thanks, BassB'. Yup, 40 pounds of dialysis fluid overload in the poor woman. On the mend though finally. Pneumonia and bronchitis from it and still more fluid to go. She's been on peritoneal dialysis and got peritonitis from contamination somehow. That's cleared up but now she has a hemo port so they could get the fluid off her. She's back on the peritoneal, but we don't know if that's going to work again. I hope so. I've had almost daily battles with staff at the home and the hospital. It's not a common thing so I probably know more about it then they do.

I hadn't even been to church in a month, but went yesterday and sang for the first time in a month. Lower register was fine, but when I went up an octave for a third song I was getting light-headed. lol I won't be doing that again for awhile. It was so nice to go back though.

And I'm mindlessly babbling on the RTT. A new RTT? We don't need no steenking new RTT yet, do we?
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