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Originally Posted by Dyldo
The new Gorguts is indeed rad. Its different, and I rarely listen to new shit like that anymore, but its rad. I especially like the theme. What I have been listening to lately: Botanist, Loss of Self, Ulver, Obolus, Animus Mortis, Moderat, Cold Body Radiation, Blut Aus Nord, The Secret... that's all that comes to mind right now. John, I think you'd really like The Secret, its a heavier Jesus Christ Bobby/Converge sound. Solve Et Coagula is the only album I can speak of though, haven't heard the rest.

Listening to the new Carcass as I type this. Its pretty Carcassy.

I'll check The Secret out, sounds right up my street!

Has anyone heard the most recent Nails record? Ferocious doesn't even come close.
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