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Originally Posted by xgrafcorex
The unseen side is that is it is also a bit harder to maintain a relationship, though being able to tell a girl you are Recon or whatever helps's just whether they stick around when you leave randomly for unknown amounts of time.

You had Sarah Conner at RECON.

Seriously, best of luck at spoon and fork school guys and/or gals. I know its hard and isn't easy holding on to your soul with all those dollars dangling in the O ranks, yet keep in mind you might be able to move into complicated Officer mess but you can never come back to the simple enlisted ranks... We'z got standards to keep, ya know

Edit: Only enlisted joke like this.

Commander and Chief get a shave at a barber shop. Barber goes to put after shave on Commander and he says, "Don't put that shit on me! My wife will think I've been inside a whore house!" Chief says, "Go ahead and slather it on. My wife doesn't know what the inside of a whore house smells like"
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