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I think we've all had our "breaks," some often lasting a year, or 2 or 5.

I've been practicing daily, lately. Just about got 'Prelude to the Apocalypse," DecrepitBirth, almost down.

Here is a list of contributing factors to the increase in guitar playing:
1) No job... Well, when I'm on the computer looking for a job, filling out apps, I sometimes pick up the guitar, play a few riffs, look up a couple metal tabs.. That's why having no job and the more guitar playing and yeah.
2) No girlfriend. (ever.) jk
3) No TV. No movies. Just internet and Skyrim as of now. When I was younger, the two main hobbies were videogames and musical instruments, and I'm not sure but maybe the videogames and the guitar fuel each other, or co-relate?
( ( ) )
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