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So I have a confession to make, I've been trying to master this fuckin song since I was 16, probably younger. I'm 23 now damn it. Anyways, let us devote this thread to talking about that specific song, whether it be the drums, guitar, or whatever.

Not sure if this should be music or bullshit category, but...

Which tab do you guys think is more accurate, for those able to play both (I up to the solo part with a mixture of both of Chris and John's tabs).

How many people here actually can play that song? Or even attempted learning it?

What do you guys think about Frank Mullen possibly leaving/pretty damn busy and Mike Smith leaving? They have Terrance Hobbs left, not to discredit the other members, because... they're pretty damn good.

You better not even think about asking what band I'm talking about. Yes, you!
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