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What can we do to bring this place back?

Seems enough of the old regulars (old as far as I'm concerned..not sure about those that left before me) still stop in from time to time. So what has changed? People busy with work? Not listening to metal? I myself have started listening to a lot of different shit I didn't listen to before. There is still a Cephalic Carnage CD in my car stereo though. (no mp3 player hook up unfortunately)

Admittedly, I also stopped coming here for a little bit but once everything in my life settled down, I checked in to find only a handful of new posts in a long time. Lately I've posted here and there then come back every other day or so to see if anyone else is here but a lot of times it's still the same as when I left.

I guess I have no good ideas about the subject, but figured I'd post so others would see it and maybe see it and come back or at least have some idea.

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